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I’m from a teeny town in Southwestern Ohio and no one has ever heard of it (although they always do this “Oh! Lebanon! Where the dog track is!” thing. Nope. No dog track, although our mascot is the greyhound. Ha.) and the greatest thing happened yesterday.

new leb

Do you see that?! I was reading One Summer by Bill Bryson and, wa la! My teeny town!

He was talking about how many new radio stations popped up in the early 2o’s and said that even a poultry farm in New Lebanon, Ohio had a station. Greatest. Ever!

I literally got up out of bed to go show Shaun. You read that right. I was reading quietly and I got up. That was my level of excitement.

Have you ever had any cool mentions of your town or area or something that you are really familiar with in a book? Did it get you so excited you talked about it for days?

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    I was really excited that a novel by Barbara Shoup was partially set in Broad Ripple, the neighborhood in Indianapolis that I was living in at the time I read the book.

    The Fault in Our Stars has a lot of Indianapolis locations included too. I think I annoyed my husband because I kept saying things like “Hazel shops at MY mall!” and “I’ve been to that park!”

    My librarian friends and I went on a field trip to visit some of the places mentioned in the book. :) I’m annoyed that the movie is not being filmed here though! I guess they will just build their own version of the Funky Bones sculpture and the “ruins” at Holliday Park. SIGH.