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The New Things

And here is a tidy little list of things that are different since I last posted two years ago. Let’s get this out of the way and then we’ll proceed like that little mid-life crisis never happened, sound good?

  • I guess my biggest life change is that I’m a mom of two little guys now. Jude was born August 2, 2012, making him almost exactly two years younger than Isaac. He’s delightful and hilarious. Let’s not talk even for one second about how not-delightful those first 11 or 12 months are, because we’re past that now. He’s walking and talking and making messes and seeing the boys together is just the best thing on Earth.
  • In the same line, Isaac is almost four. He’s a preschooler now. He’s just fantastic. He’s obsessed with having all these little “nature collections” so we have a house full of rocks and pinecones and leaves and sticks. It’s the greatest.
  • I’m a gardener now. I had my first garden last year and was just crazy about it. I love setting it up and working it and having just this really tangible result from all the work. Can’t wait to get mine set up this year- it’s almost that time :)
  • Like I mentioned in the last post, I am blogging over at We Still Read. It’s so fun to be part of something with these other women who are likeminded in the “we’re going to read even though we have busy lives and all these kids” way. It’s the greatest.
  • I got a blush stick (Is there a fancier word for this? I have no idea.) as a gift and I love it. I just look so much less dead now. Progress, people.
  • I’m still reading. A lot. I think I read 125 in 2012 and 100 in 2013. I’m over 30 this year so far. So no worries there, there will be content galore, my friends. Content galore.
  • When I posted last, I had just finished Andrew Johnson in the Presidential Challenge. This month I read George H. W. Bush. That’s right- I have 3 more presidents and we can call it a wrap. I threw together a wordpress blog with all of the reviews from the people participating in the challenge so you can find all of my reviews over there.
  • I have a Kindle Paperwhite and I LOVE it. I was kind of late on the e-reader train, but I think it’s because I was waiting for one that was perfect for me.

And there ya have it. I’m so excited to be back and share bookish stuff with you!

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  1. Posted April 23, 2014 at 11:51 am | Permalink

    I would love to hear & see more of your garden!

    I was E-reader phobic, but have been re-thinking that lately and am strongly considering the Kindle. Glad to hear you love it.