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Nothing Like a Two Year Absence…

Well, guys. I think I’m back.

I spent some time last week reading through a bunch of my old posts and was like “Um, I really loved that and was pretty dang good at it.” So, here we are.

I think I quit because I put too much pressure on myself. I don’t know why. I have an extra kid now and while he’s made our lives crazier, he’s also taught me to take it easy on myself, that I’m doing a fine job.

I started to get the itch to blog again last year and teamed up with some awesome women and started We Still Read . It’s obviously the best group blog written by reading moms east of the Mississippi (except, Jennie, are you even east of the Mississippi? I forget geography.).

It helped, but I feel like that is more a space for reviews of books that I either totally loved or totally hated. I miss talking about silly bookish stuff, bookshelf porn, posting book comics and, you know, the things I did here.

So I had to ask Shaun how to even log in because I had entirely forgotten… and then… here I am! Let’s do this!


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    Yay, I’m so glad you’ve decided to post here again! I love We Still Read, but I’ve missed all your posts on this blog. :)

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    Great to “see” you back!